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Riha Travel Service

1. Could you give me an idea as to what is expected in way of tips for guides, drivers, hotel staff, etc.?
It is customary to leave a tip in restaurants (10%), for hotel chambermaids, in reception for hotel staff . In most cases, you cannot include the tip on a credit card charge. You should tip in cash and, in most cases, hand the tip directly to the person who has served you. Taxi drivers do not normally expect a tip, but they do appreciate it, and it's acceptable to "round up" the fare. So if you're charged 4.5YTL it's usual to give the driver 5YTL. Hairdressers also get tips, similar to the UK. It's not necessary to tip a dolmus driver.
Tips to guides and drivers on organized tours are at your discretion. Certainly guides and drivers hope for tips, but a good guide or driver will not think less of you for not tipping; and a bad guide or driver deserves no tip.
Remember, this is a tip meant to signify good service (if that's what you've received), not his/her payment (which you will already have paid by paying for your tour).
That having been said, TL20 to TL30 (US$10 to $15) per day from the group would be plenty for the guide, somewhat less for the driver.
This is the total tip for the entire group, not the tip per group member. So for a 10-day tour, the guide would be given TL200 to TL300 total from the group as a recognition of his/her excellent service.
Remember that if a guide takes you to a shop, s/he is probably expecting to receive a commission from the shop on any purchases you make; and that commission comes out of your pocket.

2. Can you arrange a tour to Greece, Eagypt and other close countries?
Yes. We can arrange tours for all Countries next to Turkey's border. Contact our travl consultants.

3. Can you arrange international flights from and back to our country?
If you are booking a package tour from Turkey to other neighbour countries your flight tickets will be in the program. On the other hand Only flight tickets, sorry for that. As our clients are from different parts of the world, it will be hard for us to combine all the international flight resources, so our clients usually book international flights on their side, and we do the Turkey domestic flights.

4. Do you also arrange train tickets?
Yes. We arrange train and bus tickets.

5. What airline/type of plane you may choose?
We will use the reliable airlines such as: Turkish Airlines, Onur Air, Atlas Jet, Fly Pegausus etc. And the right timing flight will be booked according to your itinerary, if you have any specific needs, please feel free to let us know beforehand.

6. What kind of vehicles do we use during our tour?
We mostly use Mercedec or Walksvagen Minibuses, different types of buses available, different vehicles will be used according to different group size.

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