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What to Pack for Traveling Turkey ?
Visiting Turkey and wonder what to pack before you go? Please just put your worry down. Below is the list for packing which is helpful to you. Besides, you could check your preparations with your professional travel consultants to make sure a comfortable trip.
The Packing List:
1- Passports with necessary Visas and related documents, or copies of the above-mentioned documents (keep the originals and the copies separately.)
2- International Airline tickets.
3- Wallet & Credit cards & Traveler’s checks.
4- First-aid kit & Medicines & Vitamins.
5- Address and telephone number list on a sheet.
6- Seasonal clothes and comfortable shoes suitable for walking.
7- Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, depending on your location and time of travel. Traveling in Tibet, they are all necessary for the whole year.
8- Raincoat or umbrella.
9- Insect repellent. Especially in summer or travel to some rural areas.
10- Chargers for your mobile phone, digital camera etc. An electrical transformer could be useful. Turkey uses 230 V, 50 Hz electricity devices.
Please Kindly Note:
Information about the Luggage Restriction:
There are two kinds of luggage that is check-in luggage and carry-on luggage.
Check-in Luggage Limitation: The free baggage allowance (including checked and carry-on baggage) for all passengers of national routes is: 40 kg for first-class passengers, 30 kg for business class passengers and 20 kg for economy class passengers. Passengers with an infant ticket are granted 10 kg of free baggage allowance.
Carry-on Luggage Limitation: Each hand luggage (carry-on luggage) must not exceed 20×40×55 centimeters (8×16×22 inches) and should be less than 5 kg (about 11 pounds) in total. Any items that exceed these criteria are treated as check-in luggage.
First class passengers are permitted to carry on two pieces of hand baggage.
Business or economy class passengers, only one piece of hand baggage is allowed.
Over-weigh luggage: The excess amount will incur an additional charge reckoned by distance and weight: Generally, 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) costs 1.5% of a full economy-class airfare (one way, adult ticket).

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